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Two French Bulldogs


Top quality Breeder of AKC Boston terriers and French Bulldogs

At Bostons and Bulldogs, we raise exceptional companions in a loving and caring environment, no kennel here.  Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our animals healthy and happy for when they find their new homes.  Genetic testing on all our breeding dogs. Health guaranteed and pups Micro Chipped prior to leaving us.

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Thanks so much for your inquiry and your interest in an AKC puppy from Bostons and Bulldogs, as well as  Absolutely Boston Terriers.  I have a 40 yr.  history as an RN and have happily enjoyed retiring to devote myself full time to my precious dogs.   We are very proud of our program and our Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.   Our puppies make great companions as well as couch potatoes, love hiking, watching TV, playing with toys, boating and travel as well, and absolutely love people and kids too.  They are so adaptable to any situation and make wonderful Emotional Support Animals also.  We specialize in Companion Pets,  Boston Puppies are priced at $2500.  for an 8 week old puppy, with Limited AKC Registration, which means spay or neuter agreement, French Bulldogs are $4500.  We are planning a few Traditional Boston litters this year with our Select group of outstanding kids. We expect 2 litters with color this Spring/Summer provided Gabby and Kalie cooperate lol.  Look for Dolly, Dixie and Whiskey pups in September.   

Our dogs are our beloved pets; we do not have a Kennel.  We are located in the hills of West Virginia about 100 miles West of DC.  Puppies all receive Early Neurological Stimulation from day of birth. We follow the elements of Puppy Culture raising our pups to be good Citizens with Skills.  Bathing begins at 4 weeks and nail trimming done weekly till they leave us.  They are exposed to other dogs, kids, TV, vacuum cleaning, brooms, radios and any other household noises, as well as different surfaces.  I will be having one Frenchie litter this Fall with  Phoebee and Wilbur.  My daughter in law will be breeding her 3 Frenchies to my Wilbur at the end of the year.  It takes a Village to raise puppies in a home environment and thankfully we have family here as committed as I am.   Although I don’t personally show, my Goddaughter in Florida is actively showing the Parents and or siblings of my Whiskey, Pandora, Margarita, as well as Carolyn’s Angel. Dolly and Dixie also have multiple Champions in their Pedigree.  We cant wait for our new kids to be born.   

If you decide to make an application it does not constitute a contractual agreement or obligation to provide you a puppy or guarantee we will have one for you.  It does not obligate you to purchase from us either.  We do our best but cannot control litter size, color, gender  or conception.  

I do not measure my success by the number of winning show dogs I may produce, but by the number of dogs that remain with their family for a lifetime.  It is my sole purpose to produce the best companion dog that will provide a lifetime of love and affection,  and enjoy good health.  We breed our dogs to be healthy on the inside first as well as pretty on the outside. We are fully engaged in Genetic testing as a roadmap for our continued success.

When ready to leave us, the pups will have all age appropriate vaccines, fecal testing a health certificate and a health guarantee for 1 yr. against any life-threatening  genetic disorders 

Due to COVID we no longer engage in our  “meet and greets” but can Facetime and video for you. I also reserve the right to hold back any puppy at any time before I offer it to someone.  These are our babies and we try very hard to find the perfect home.

Follow us on Facebook: Absolutely Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs, my personal blog to keep in touch with our puppy parents.

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